The Works - pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, onion, green pepper, black olive, and  banana pepper     

       Veggie - mushroom, tomato, banana pepper, onion, and black olive

       Hawaiian - bacon, ham, pineapple, with cinnamon

       Chipotle Chicken - chicken, onion, and green pepper with a spicy chipotle ranch sauce                                          
       Chicken Club - chicken, bacon, with ranch sauce and topped with lettuce & tomato

          Spicy Taco - cheddar jack, taco beef, with a zesty taco sauce and topped with lettuce,         
           tomato, onion,
 black olive, and jalapenos

                   *Specialty pizzas priced per size and # of toppings

           Create your own        8” personal         12” small          14” medium       16” large                                                     
           Cheese and 1 topping    $5.25                    $11.50                $13.00                $16.00 

           Additional toppings        $0.50 each           $1.00 each         $1.25 each          $1.25 each

Topping choices

pepperoni, sausage, ham, chicken, taco meat, bacon, meatball, onion, mushroom, green pepper

banana pepper, black or green olive, tomato, pineapple, jalapeno, and cheddar jack

Hot sandwiches

               Italian sub - ham, pepperoni, salami, mozzarella, with lettuce, tomato, banana peppers                                     and onion $8.00              

               Ham & Cheese sub - sliced ham and mozzarella with lettuce and tomato $6.50

               Meatball sub mozzarella and meatballs with our marinara sauce $8.00

               Pizza sub – pepperoni, mozzarella, and our marinara  -  try it with banana peppers for a                                     kick! $8.00                  

               Buffalo Chicken sub fried strips of chicken tossed in our buffalo sauce with lettuce &                                                      blue cheese $8.50

               Chicken Parmesan sub - fried strips of chicken topped with warm marinara and                                                                     mozzarella $8.50

               Giant Fish sub - beer battered pollock topped with lettuce, tomato, and served with tartar                                         sauce $8.00

               Crunchy Chicken wrap - fried chicken strips wrapped in a flour tortilla with lettuce,                                                               tomato, onion,and cheddar jack, served with our chipotle ranch                                                       $8.50

*All sandwiches served with your choice of potato chips or pasta chips*

 Wings BBQ, Spicy BBQ, Hot, Mild, Garlic, or Naked 10 for $7.00     20 for $13.00     30 for $19.00

              Chicken Strips $7.50               

 Fried Pickles $7.00                       Cheese Fries & Bacon  $6.00

Potato Skins
 $7.00                                  Mozzarella Stix $6.75

Mini Corn Dogs $5.005.                             Nachos Supreme $6.00


                            House Salad mixed lettuce, cheddar jack, tomato, onion, and croutons $6.00

                            Wedge Salad - iceberg lettuce, bacon, and tomato with a blue cheese vinaigrette $6.00

                            Taco Salad mixed lettuce, taco beef, cheddar jack, tomato, onion, black olive, and jalapenos 
                                                 served with
 sour cream $8.00

                            Side Salad - smaller version of our house salad $4.00 any salad for $3.75*

Dressings - Italian, Greek feta, Ranch, Chipotle Ranch, Caeser


French Fries $2.00 - Sweet Potato Fries $3.00 - Cheesy Garlic Bread $4.00
Pasta Chips $4.00 - Chips & Salsa $4.00 - Celery & Blue cheese $2.00